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Your First Visit

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What to Expect

Dr. Matilda Sienko uses various chiropractic techniques from adjusting by hand to adjusting by instruments. Your body’s unique needs are matched with the gentle specific technique required to correct the misalignment and subluxations in order to relieve the nervous system of irritation and reduce or eliminate the pain.


She also uses homeopathic remedies where appropriate, nutritional and herbal recommendations, lifestyle counseling and corrective exercise in order for you to achieve overall better health.


First Visit Consultation


When you call for your new patient appointment, you will be scheduled for a no-charge, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Sienko. We will discuss your health concerns, your health problems and your goals for recovering your vitality.

Then to determine what is wrong, if Dr. Sienko can help you, and what shape your spine and joints are in, she will recommend a complete and thorough chiropractic exam where she will perform orthopedic, neurological, range of motion, muscle strength, and other tests. There is a charge for this exam. Please ask for any special discounts.

Your safety and maximal progress is Dr. Sienko’s concern, and your specific condition may require x-rays to either rule out more serious conditions and to assist in developing the most effective treatment plan for you.

Continuing Appointments


On your second visit, if you have had x-rays Dr. Sienko will review them with you in detail. If she accepts you for care, she will perform a Test Adjustment. The Test Adjustment helps her determine what chiropractic techniques to use, how you will respond, and what recommendations for care to give you.

On your third visit, she will go over detailed recommendations, how many visits and the cost. She will also adjust you again.

As you improve, she will be making recommendations for exercise and rehabilitation, sleep positions, easy and effective exercises and other healthy lifestyle changes.

Dr. Sienko offers affordable payment options which she can discuss with you.

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