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Cash Advantage

I began a cash practice here in Asheville in 1996 after years of trying to balance the type of high quality care I took an oath as a doctor to provide against the growing restrictions of the insurance industry. I found I was not able to give the best advice because the insurance companies were setting the standards of what patients received in terms of care.  I made a choice to support my patient’s rights to attain health care based on wellness.

I accept patients based on their commitment to better health.  Many people believe that you don’t go to the doctor until you are sick or suffering. We teach patients that suffering is not part of being healthy and is part of disease model thinking which leads to chronic illnesses like cancer, arthritis and diabetes. When you take care of your health, you are actually promoting the health potential of your body in the future, preventing other kinds of progressive and chronic diseases.

My patients understand when I recommend chiropractic adjustments, supplements, orthotics, etc., it is based solely on their desire for a higher quality of life and health.  I know money issues can cause stress, but when patients feel better, we find they get into better situations in their personal and professional lives as well.  They understand that to have a productive life, you need to invest in yourself.  After all, you are your own best investment.

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