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Thank you so much for choosing to be in the health/wellness profession for the right reasons. Without doctors like you and your positive approach to healing, I would be without any medical care. I have already noticed positive changes in my body. My symptoms of disease are definitely waning. Thanks to you, I am more in touch with what my body is trying to tell me, and also thanks to you my body can more efficiently health itself. On top of all of that, I want to say thanks for keeping prices reasonable. Access to healthcare (real healthcare) should not be out of anyone’s reach, and you are a candle in the darkness! 

-A.W., Asheville

I had low back pain radiating down either leg to my feet. It came and went for about 4 years. The initial injury was a water skiing accident 10 years before and waiting tables caused it show up again. I went to a couple of different chiropractors once or twice and had pain relief temporarily. Now that I have committed to regular visits, I am pain free! It is a wonderful feeling.

-L.N., Asheville


I was experiencing low back and muscle stiffness when I woke up every morning. More than that was just a feeling of fatigue and that something was just not “right.” I had a feeling of becoming old before my time. My immediate results were wonderful but I failed to stick with the maintenance plan and can now understand why that is so important. Now I have felt an improvement in all the particular areas that I complained of when I first came in. Most of all, I feel “right”! I already have more energy and feel excited about each day because I feel good.

-E.N., Asheville


 I came in because of burning feet. My doctor sait was neuropathy. On a scale of 1-10,, it was a 10. Unable to sleep – had to get up at night and rub my feet over the carpet to try and get some relief. I was treated by an orthopedist, family doctor, podiatrist, and another chiropractor with no results. Family doctor described pain medication that didn’t help. I have had excellent results. My feet no longer burn and I am able to sleep at night – all night for the first time in 2 years or longer. I now feel better than I have in years.

-H.H., Asheville


Back, leg and arm pain and numbness. I also had knee pain for which surgery was recommended. I could not sleep at night and could barely get out of bed in the morning.  Could not perform during the day due to pain. Now, I am great. I am able to perform daily routine without pain medication (celebrex). My arms don’t get numb or hurt anymore.

-J.B., Asheville


I came seeking relief from acute neck pain that had me writhing for about 3 days. This resulted from a lifelong structural asymmetry due to a deformity and scoliosis.  I’ve lived with chronic pain for as long as I can recall but this incident went way beyond my “tolerable” threshold. Now my neck pain is gone and hasn’t returned. My lingering melancholy is lifted and replaced with increased energy. I sleep much better and rise with greater ease. I give thanks to have a doctor that is focused on my long term healing and sensitive to the subtle energies of life.

-S.C., Asheville

I had  back surgery for partial disc removal 2 years prior and my knees were giving me problems. After Dr. Sienko finished treating me, I’ve had no more problems for almost 2 years and I’ve also had great health.

-N.A., Asheville


Incredible results! In four months time, not only was my pain relieved, but my quality of life had improved tremendously.

G.C., Asheville

Chronic ear drainage with infection from age 5 months to 20 months. the drainage was constant with lots of antibiotics. Now the drainage has completely stopped. It was immediate results.

-K.K., Asheville

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